Monday, December 3, 2012

A poem

Will you think of me inside my hutch,
That tiny starter pack.
That does not let me hop around,
And starts to hurt my back?

Will you think of me tomorrow,
When you go to work or school.
With a lovely lunch packed in your bag,
Cause I get hungry too....

Will you think of me, just sometimes please?
My hutch, it smells so bad,
I'd love some water in my bowl,
And some hay, I'd be so glad!

Will you think of me when the sun shines bright,
And it's wonderfully hot,
But I can't get cool, this heart is so cruel.
Don't tell me you forgot!

Will you think of me when the north winds blow
And my hutch floors turn to ice,
And I'm shivering cold while you're all warm,
underneath your quilt so nice?

Will you think of me? Please think of me!
I'm helpless and at your mercy!
Why did you buy me on a whim?
Why did you desert me?

I can binkie over rainbows now,
I am happy and free.
But I wonder now that I am gone,
Will you ever think of me?