Monday, December 3, 2012

Bloat and ways I found helped in treating it

After my over a week long battle trough Bloat with my 12 week old French Lop Doe, Tessy, she is finally on the right track and better. After compiling information from other Blogs and websites in a previous Blog, I asked many questions to those breeders I can trust on how THEY deal with this horrible
ailment if one of their rabbits falls ill with it. In response I heard many good outcomes unlike the horrific ones stated online!

First, you should know the signs and symptoms of Bloat in rabbits:

A rabbit suffering from Bloat will be listless and uncomfortable;they will stop eating and may be thirstier than usual. They will also not lay down or stretch out due to them being in pain and or uncomfy. They may also grind their teeth if pain is severe enough. They will also quit pooping due to their tummy not functioning properly. Their tummy may make a gargling sound or also sound as though fluids are moving around in there.

Second, you should always seek veterinary/professional help BEFORE trying to treat it on your own. I am not telling you how to treat your rabbit only ways that myself, and other breeders have had success with treating them.

Things you can do to relieve and get rid of Bloat in your bunny:

1. Remove food from cage and replace with Timothy Hay to help get their tummy moving again

2. Give them infant gas relief drops found at any drug store

3. Pedialyte can be given to help keep up their electrolytes, strength and help calm their tummy

4. Yogurt with no less than 3 active bacteria in it is a great way to get them back up and going if anti-biotics are needed to get good bacteria back into their tummy

5. A good probiotic paste is also good to help get them on track again, you can find these at any local tractor or farm supply store

6. It is also important to keep them active and moving. After gas drops and yogurt, let them run or make them hop around

7. Feed Gripe water

8. Pineapple juice and cat hairball relief will help if it is caused by a hairball

9. Feed regular oatmeal, old fashioned not instant

10. Feed plenty of fiber as found in Hay, grains, seeds and berries

11. Apple cider vinegar in the water

12. Neomycin

13. Whole rolled oats or regular oats

14. Entracare aqua

15. Pro C

16. Infactol

17. Canned pumpkin, regular not pie filling

18. If back bones are very pronounced and noticeable, try worming them

19. A warm bath will help alleviate their pain from the Bloat and following it by a nice gentle massage by laying them on their back and massaging their tummy

REMEMBER: Always seek out the help of your local small animal vet for treatment!