Sunday, February 10, 2013

A strengthening of faith, my first car accident a roll over

Thursday February 7th 2013 I was in my first car accident at the age of 22, a roll over due to hitting a patch of ice and spinning out. after hitting the ditch I hit the snow and flipped the vehicle. fortunately I walked away with no cuts or immediate bruises just a sore pride. I am truly blessed and know the lord was watching out for me. I was even more blessed that my car sustained no injuries in the roll other than folding one mirror in and tearing another mirror off however, in the process of flipping the car back onto all four tires the roof was mildly dented, the front windshield was shattered and the other mirror was torn off as well. all very minor thibgs compared to the extent of the accident.

today I am very sore and have mild bruises from my seat belt and where my knees hit my dashboard in the roll But all things considered, very lucky. many who have been in less of an accident have had worse injuries than myself. had I not been wearing my seat belt, I would probably not be here right now to share with you my story.

I would like to say a very special thank you to the very special people who stopped to help me and got me out of the car, the paramedics who came and checked me out, the police, sheriff's deputies and state patrol officers who came to the scene, the amazing man who towed my car out with as minimal damage as possible, God for protecting me and most of all my family for being here and supporting me in a time were physically I am OK But mentally I am shaken up pretty badly. because even though they tease, poke and joke about it, it helps me laugh and realize just how lucky I am to have an amazing family, friends, fiance and soon to be in-laws! I love y'all so much more than I could ever explain!  (I can't forget Milo, the other rabbits, the dogs, and cats as being amazing in helping me through the healing either!)

I really, truly am blessed ♥