Monday, December 3, 2012

The start of "Milo & Me

Milo was a rescued rabbit. So I bought him from a Rabbit Breeder. That breeder did horrible things to him and it caused Milo to fear all people. When he got to my care he was aggressive and scared; you could not get close to him without him panicking. He should have been 12 pounds, but I could feel every bone on his body and he was only 9.5 pounds. The breeder carried him by his ears instead of the proper way which is by placing his body against yours while placing his head gently under your arm to make him feel secure. Eventually he realized I was not a bad person and started warming up to me. I would take him with me to Chuck & Don's, where I worked at the time. Because I took him with me to work he was able to spend the entire day with me while I worked on the floor meeting new people. From that day on he has been the most social, friendly, laid back rabbit I have ever seen; however he is still very sensitive about his ears. The bond he has with me is unlike any I or many others have seen. I began writing this story due to the strong urging of my Grandma Grace, because she is constantly amazed at the connection between Milo and Me.