Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trouble in the nest

Once in a while a Rabbit cones along that just doesn't get how to be a mom. Some people have a rule, three strikes and you're out, but when it is a Rabbit whom you're attached to it makes it a little more difficult to just part ways with them.

I have a Rabbit who beat the odds early on and we have been super close since. When she was finally old enough I decided to breed her. She had a beautiful litter of babies all healthy and Alive when days after we started to lose them. It was devastating for me as I frantically tried to figure out why we were losing them all that way. Eventually we found out her milk simply had not come in. I fostered the remaining baby to another mom and hoped for the best.

Her second litter I prepared her fresh veggies and bananas and anything you could think of to prevent the same issues from arising again so when her milk wouldn't come in I was ready for it. I was not however ready for the 9 intense days of bottle feeding and trying to get her milk to come in but when it finally did, it was entirely worth it.

Rounded three, she delivered a litter of seven very chubby and healthy babies when around Day 2 she decided the jest would be a good place to use as a litter box. Unfortunately we were unable to save any of those babies.

Another litter was expected recently and to My extreme joy she had a beautiful and healthy litter and when I checked on her and the babies she would be in the nest feeding them. The next Day she was just sitting in the nest and one started to scream from in the nest. Startled I quickly removed her from the nest to check the babies finding that she sadly had smothered most of them from sitting in it too much. The remaining babies were removed and she has supervised visits with them to nurse them twice a Day which would be when mom usually feeds them. So far, it is working great and I hope it continues to work!

It never seems to be easy when breeding but sometimes are much more difficult than others, times like this especially. no one wants to see their babies pass away so when it does happen it is extremely saddening.