Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Adventures of Ally and Sam- Tree'd by Goats

As a young child with my best friend Ally always by my side, we would get into some pretty unusual predicaments. One that happens to be a fond memory is when we were walking in the woods at my parents home in the country picking raspberries, what happens next is something that couldn't even be imagined.

On a warm late summer day Ally and I were out walking on my family's trails in the woods behind our home looking for raspberries with the dogs, Lady a Collie and Tawny a rescue special. Stumbling across some of the biggest raspberry bushes we had ever seen we started picking and filling our ice cream buckets. As usual, we split up and were picking the berries on each side of the trail, the ole divide and concur mentality at a young age, and the dogs were never far from sight sniffing and eating berries. 
Stopping cold in her tracks, Ally muttered that there was something in the bushes. Me thinking she was over reacting (like she usually did) told her to keep going. Then it happened, the bushes started moving. Jumping back towards me, Ally let out a shriek when out jumped a big goat and a ram right behind it! 
They charged at us, running full throttle at us! Dropping our buckets we turned and ran, we ran faster than we knew we could at that point. Looking back they were still chasing us and gaining at that! We had no clue where the dogs went and then we caught a glimpse of them LEAVING us and saving their own tails! 
Running out of breath and starting to lose our speed both Ally and I darted off to the side into a patch of birch trees. Scrambling to get up the roughly 5 inch diameter trees with no branches to grab onto to help, we managed to get about 5 feet off the ground. The goat and Ram stopped right below us and probably could have reached us by standing on their back legs. They just stood there for what felt like hours, which in reality was probably only 10 minutes or so, until I started to loose my grip. 
Falling from the tree onto the ground I curled up expecting them to start biting, stomping or something. To my surprise, they did not do anything! They simply nuzzled at me and wanted to be pet... 
So here we were, running for our lives and treed by these "vicious" creatures when in the end, all they wanted was to play. 

All in a days adventures for Ally and Sam!