Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Help Keep the Animals Alive

Please sign the petition to help save these animals who have never done anything to harm anyone. Their only hope to survive when they came into the rescue were humans to mother them and heal them. It is up to humans to continue to protect them and help them again. 

What this rescue is doing in educating the children of Itasca and St. Louis county is something that no one else is willing to do. In the years I have known DSWC they have rehabbed and released numerous animals who otherwise would not have had a chance. The DNR is supposed to help PROTECT these animals not euthanize them because they can not physically be wild. These animals have already been through enough in their lives. They did not choose to be raised by humans, it was not preventable. Their welfare should be top priority in this no matter the legal ramifications. Do not let the animals of DSWC suffer in this. 

Link to video of the animals you are saving

Link to the Petition page