Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finding Otis

Otis is a very special French lop rabbit who stole my heart from the beginning.
When my sweet Max passed away, I knew I needed Another male for starting my breeding program. After knowing the color I was looking for was choosing difficult I decided to give up the idea of finding my exact color. When I went to the Minnesota state rabbit show and saw the color I wanted. And a boy. I took him out, looked him over and fell in love. His birth date was March 18th, same day as Holly, same month as Max and on his little tag was the name Maxwell. It hit me that he was it and this was my rabbit.
My heart was broken when I was told a gentleman from Canada was on his way to purchase him. As the hours went on I found another little boy in the same breeders herd I kinda liked. still holding out hope the man didn't show up. The end of the day neared and still my rabbit sat in his carrier not claimed. I left heavy hearted knowing he'd be gone by morning.

The next morning, the breeder came up to me and told me. She told me in a way I'll never forget. With her quirky smile, she looked at me in a school girl way and quietly said, "he's yours."
Staring at her blankly not registering what she had just said, she repeated herself louder and more giddy this time with an even bigger smile.
I could have cried on the spot. My eyes welled up and I gave her a big hug. He was mine. Otis was actually mine!