Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What to do if your rabbit wont eat

A rabbits digestive system is a fragile thing and when it is upset in the slightest way it can end with tragic results in a very short time. Always seek an experienced rabbit veterinarians care to determine the cause of their loss of appetite.

You need to keep their gut moving first and foremost. Give them their favorite treats, hay, fresh veggies anything. So long as they are eating. 

Next, they also need to be drinking. If Someone goes off of feed they are usually not drinking either sure to them not eating if they don't drink and not drinking if they don't eat. If this is the Case you can sweeten up their water by placing apple slices in the water dish, pedialite or Gatorade to keep them hydrated.

In a worst Case scenario, you can boil down old fashioned oatmeal and syringe feed it to them, syringe feed oxbow critical care or just water to attempt to get them back up and eating.
It can take hours, days or weeks to get them to eat regularly again but with time and patience they eventually will come around.