Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stellas story

This girl did a lot of healing on my heart and doesn't even know it. In 2011 lady, my collie of 12.5 years, passed away in my arms. It was that Christmas after she had passed that I saw a poster of the sweetest collie puppies at the feed store. I went home and immediately told my mom and I had hoped to get one. She broke down into tears immediately at the mention of collie puppies. I realized then that she was not ready for another one in our lives, and neither was I. The next year I was feeling like I may be ready, but not for the sable color my old girl was it had to be something different. I contacted breeders in my state looking with no luck. Nothing felt right. Several months passed when I was cleaning out an old drawer and found that number for the collie puppies over a year previous. I decided I'd give her a call and see. To my dismay, she had one blue Merle collie female left. The people had backed out last minute and she was gorgeous!  I told my mom and she didn't break down in tears like she had in the past she just sadly asked if I was ready. I put a lot of thought into it and felt I was. I was however torn between keeping back my baby bunny Max who was so special to me and getting this puppy. I decided I was the best home for Max and I could not part with him and the breeder understood completely. Then Christmas time of 2013, I got an email that I was not expecting. It was that breeder saying she would be having her last litter with that pair of collies and was wondering if I would still like one. We had just gotten case, our Pyrenees puppy and it was difficult to imagine a secknd puppy but I said Yes. Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes!  Patiently We waited for the call on if the puppies had been born and finally they were. I picked Stella out at 1 day old and it was love at first sight. That was the one. Funny thing is I'd wanted a male, not female. Things work in mysterious ways sometimes!